When gaskets don't hold up, we replace them with the highest quality available.  In the example to the right the original equipment gaskets were plastic with a small rubber seal.  The plastic broke and the rubber seal failed.  We replaced these with a rubber coated metal gasket.  This will create a much better sealing surface and extend gasket life.

On the right, After the surface is cleaned and ready for installation.

This repair to the left was a bit more complex.  After returning from a vacation, the owner of this vehicle found multiple drivability issues.  After a week of being stationary, a squirrel made a nest next to this engine control module and ate into some of the wiring.  We were able to repair the faulty wiring and there was no control module damage.

On the left, before gasket is removed and cleaned.

A simple broken wire that causes major issues.  The picture to the right shows that the green wire overheated due to a poor contact in the connector.  This melted slightly and broke the connection.  This connector was to the brake pedal switch, the effect of the broken wire was that the brake lights didn't work and the car couldn't be shifted out of park when the key was on.

Examples Of work